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Corporate Sustainability

At DIESL we have always believed that good values and good business go hand in hand. It's a part of our heritage as well as the way we do things. Sustainability is about future viability and growing our business responsibly, with the aim of ensuring that future generations enjoy a healthy environment as well as stable economic and social conditions. We are committed to this guiding principle.
DIESL believes in the tradition of caring for the environment and enriching the quality of lives of the communities we live and work with, through a variety of result-oriented programs. Under the aegis of corporate sustainability program, 'Prayaas', the company has taken small but confident steps in promoting road safety, health and education both within the corporation and externally.

Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the biggest challenges for the logistics industry is Skills Gap. DIESL believes that co-operation and collaboration with like-minded organizations can bring about a world of difference in combating this challenge.Under the program named 'Sahyog', DIESL's senior employees provide their services as guest faculty in institutes offering courses in logistics and supply chain management. In addition to this, DIESL also offers warehouse visits and internship projects to students whenever possible.

In FY 14-15, as an initiative during the Tata Volunteering Week, DIESL had conducted blood donation camps across the country. Employees from DIESL's offices and warehouses volunteered to donate 230 units of blood to various blood banks and agencies across India.

In the past, DIESL has also taken up the cause of health, hygiene and awareness among truck drivers.Under the fold of 'Jagruti', DIESL has conducted community development activities for people associated with the logistics industry.From FY 2010-11 to FY 2012-13, DIESL had reached out to more than 11,300 truck drivers to provide AIDS awareness training and conduct awareness programs in road safety, traffic regulations and carbon emissions.

In 2010, DIESL had tied up with an NGO (Karm) for a two-year program to provide for holistic development of the village Jarandi (of TalukaShahapur) in Thane District (Maharashtra). DIESL's endeavor was to make Jarandi self-sustainable by creating avenues for employment, addressing water problems, improving health, sanitation and basic living conditions in the village, and promoting agriculture and education. Some of the major projects included buildingcatchment areas, mini-dams and bore-wells, organizing regular health and nutrition camps, helping farmers with seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, saplings and tools to promote agriculture, afforestation and income generation through '5 Guntha Project', providing sewing machines and training women in tailoring vocation.

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

As educated and aware citizens and as a part of an industry that contributes significantly to the carbon footprint, we feel it is our moral and social responsibility to help in whatever small way we can to heal our planet. DIESL’s initiatives towards this end are clubbed under 'Prakruti'.

DIESL periodically organizes tree plantation activity also called ‘Plant A Sapling Program’ (PASP) across all its warehouses and offices in India. Also, rain water Harvestingis implemented in warehouses wherever feasible.

Some of DIESL’s warehouses use transparent roofing to curtail use of electricity for lighting. CFLs are used instead of regular light bulbs in zonal offices and corporate office. Recycle paper bins are kept in the corporate and zonal offices where employees can dump their used papers which are then exchanged with vendors for recycled paper.

DIESL also ensures PUC check of all vehicles leased by it on long term basis.
We bridge the gap between rigorous demands of logistics to provide reliable and accurate logistics solutions.
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